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In 2000 I decided to sell a college text book on ebay. From that moment I realized it was not only possible to make money at home online but it was pretty easy as well. Check out my ebook all about my journey trying many several home business models,


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Welcome to Mommies Frugal Finds

Hi, I'm Sandi welcome to my Blog! Mommies Frugal Finds started 7 years ago on a whim. I started this blog when my first son was two months old, I was bored, wanted to save money and connect with other moms on the same kind of journey. I was inspired from the moment I stumbled across a website called hip2save. If you have never been on this website I encourage you to head over there and check it out! This blog actually started as a coupon blog to help moms save money on things like food, baby products and Diapers. Mommies Frugal Finds has now evolved beyond that with a focus on helping moms in many aspects of life, from saving money, to making money, DIY projects, Tutorials, courses, recipes, writing, and health topics.

About me: I'm a mom, freelance writer, graphic designer, columnist and teacher. I have two boys ages 6 and 3. My older son has Autism and Selective Mutism so I encourage you to follow my blog if you have a special needs child. I also talk about co-parenting, divorce and family issues.

Welcome to my journey!



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