Money making

Walgreens deal! I cleaned the shelf! j/k

Shampoo Garnier Frutis was on sale for $3.50 each. I had $2.00 off coupons per bottle. Making it $1.50 a bottle but, check this out If you spend $10 on Garnier Frutis you get back a $4.00 RR (register reward like cash for your next purchase)so I broke the shampoo purchase into 2 transactions to get the $4.00RR x2.

Here’s how my transactions worked so you can see how I saved lots!

1st Transaction-
4 bottles shampoo…total $15.96 after coupons $7.96 then got a $4.00 RR

2nd transaction-
same $ bottles shampoo total $15.96…with coupons $7.96 used my $4.00RR down to $3.96 then get another $4.oo RR (so basically free this transaction)!

3rd Transaction-
Lost my receipt but the dish soap was .89 each with coupons $3.56
The foil was .69 each with coupons $2.07…so $5.63 (not figuring tax)so after using my$4.00 RR total $1.56

So total out of pocket $13.48!!!!!

I saved over $50.00 buying on sale, buying products with Register Rewards and using coupons! The shampoo alone is normally over $5.00 a bottle each regular price.

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