Money making

Target deals!

For this shopping trip I saved more than half off of my total. After the cashier scanned all my coupons she asked me…”so how much do I owe you”. That was pretty funny. :p lol

Target Shopping Trip!!!! 4/5/11

Some of the items I got were totally FREE!

I got (2) Purex Crystals fabric softeners FREE….
had (1) $2.00 off manufacturers coupon and (1) $1.00 off Target printable coupon per bottle

(2) Degree mens deodorants FREE…
had (2) $1.00 off manufacturers coupons and (2) Target store printables.

The next items I got for .50 each

Soft scrub- It was on sale for 2/4.98 then I had Target coupons and manufacturer coupons each $1.00 off…so $2.00 off each making them .50 each!

Secret deodorant which I found in the trial section…ended up being a little over a dollar each. For the Clinical Strength kind which I think is usually around 6-7$ for the full size ones.

Vaseline Lotion was $1.87 each @ Target had (5) $1.00 off coupons… .87 each x 5.

1 Comet cleaner .92
1 Mens Dove body wash was on clearance and I had a $1.00 off coupon…So this one was $1.78, not super impressive.

Ok, here’s the total on all these items!


Total savings over 50%, I saved $20.00 total!!!!

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