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Diapers $3 a pack @ Walgreens this week!

Diapers $3 a pack @ Walgreens this week!!!! Sale 2/$10 use $2 off coupon from this months Walgreens coupon booklet (by sales ads when you first walk in). I compared prices and this is even cheaper than Costco if you by 10 packs it comes out to $10 less than the biggest pack @ Costco.

1 thought on “Diapers $3 a pack @ Walgreens this week!”

  1. Update: I just found out the coupon is in the infant care coupon booklet.These booklets were available in-store a while back and hopefully you may be able to find them still. I found mine at the entrance together with the rest of the sales circular. But others have found them by the pharmacy area or the baby aisle. Your best bet is to ask a cashier if they know where they might be.


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