Money making

Target Trip Saved BIG!

Bought all with coupons except the gum which was on clearance.

Pop Tarts $2/3 boxes coupon here’s a link stacked with Target’s Pop Tart’s coupon from Target’s website. Made them $1.18 a box x 6

Nivea…I was disappointed about this because they went up a dollar on these like Wal-Mart did. Used to be only $3 ( now $3.99) each would have been FREE with coupons. After coupons, Manufacturers and store coupons paid $1 each plus tax. Still not bad.

Milk Bone Dog Treats On sale this week for $2.29 each…had $1 off coupons From a couple Sundays ago. Made them $1.29 each

Stride gum clearance .90 a pack. $5.40 for 6 packs
Total was $56.00
Spent $26.95
Saved $29.05 OVER 50% savings!!!! Just by matching coupons and sales!

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