Money making

Walmart shopping trip scored 24 bottles of Advil for $3.27!

Had a heck of a shopping trip. Note to self: Do not go shopping at Wal-Mart in the middle of the day. I usually go either super early or super late. Anyhoo, I happen to also get in the line of a clerk that just started there today. I had 12 ($4.00/2) coupons for Advil. They are $1.87 a piece. I should have had even coupon overage (a totally new concept to the cashier she thought she did something wrong so she called over a manger) to cover most of this according to my calculations I should have only owed .47. One coupon that was rang through got deleted by the manager apparently. Even though I paid $3.27, not gonna worry about it I still saved about $45 dollars. Won’t need to buy Ibuprofen for a while. lol

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