Money making

SCORE! Saved over 50% today! This is why I love coupons!

First I would like to thank the super patient Wal-Mart cashier that helped me today!
I had 3 transactions. Spent $18.00 (after 2 coupons I took to customer service that I
forgot to give cashier @ checkout) yeah they will do that.

Here’s a breakdown…
(11) Cascade action packs trial packages. I had (11) one dollar off cascade coupons with no exclusions. So any size.
Price matched (.89) the dawn and had (10) .50 off coupons so .34 each
Price matches the Herbel Essences 2/$5 @ Target this week and had (2) $1 off coupons
(1) Dream Water thought I’d try it, it was on clearance for $1
(2) shirts on clearance $5 and $3
Total was $42 before coupons! Spent $18 even.


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