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BOGO Sales and Coupons Questions Answered!

BOGO Sales and Coupons Questions Answered

BOGO Sales and Coupons Questions Answered

One of top questions I get through emails or through comments is regarding BOGO Sales and BOGO Coupons.  So, here is an explanation on how these sales and coupons work.

::BOGO Coupons with a Dollar Off Coupon

Question: Can I use a dollar off Coupon with a BOGO Coupon.
Answer: Yes and No.
This question has 2 answers because there are certain things you need to look for to determine if you can use another coupon along with a BOGO coupon.  You first need to determine if the BOGO Coupon attaches to 1 of the 2 products you are buying or if it attaches to both of the products you are buying.
Numbers in the 10th & 11th place of the barcode (circled above) represent the dollar amount of  the coupon.  The only numbers you need to know are when there is a BOGO coupon.  BOGOs (Buy One Get One Free) are either coded with a “14? , “01? or “00″.  Here are what the codes mean:
  • If the numbers are “00″ or “01″ – Then the coupon only attaches to the product you are getting for free and another coupon can be used against the other product
  • If the numbers are “14″ – The coupon attaches to both products and you can not use another coupon.  Any additional coupons used will beep.
Question: I have a $1/2 Coupon, can I use that with a BOGO coupon?
Answer: No
If you have determined, by checking the barcode as in the example above, that you can use an additional coupon with your BOGO coupon, then you will only be able to use a $X/1 coupon.  You can not use a $X/2 coupon.  The BOGO Coupon attaches to one of the 2 products and the $X/1 attaches to the other.

::BOGO Coupon with a BOGO Sale

Question: Can I use a BOGO Coupon with a BOGO Sale?
Answer: Yes, if your store allows it.
Stores like Rite Aid, Walgreens & CVS allow you to use a BOGO Coupon on a BOGO Sale getting 2 items for free.  This works because the store promotion is for you to buy a product and they are giving you another one for free.  The manufacturer is offering the same thing with a coupon.   So, the item that you are paying for at the store, now becomes free after the BOGO coupon and the BOGO Sale.  You only need to purchase 2 products.
For your local stores, make sure to check the coupon policy.  If they do not address BOGO Sales with BOGO coupons in their written policy, check with customer service.  And, make sure to print a copy of each Store’s Coupon Policy so you can review it and have it with you in the store in case there is any question while you are checking out.

::BOGO Sale with Dollar Off Coupons

Question: Can I use 2 Dollar Off Coupons with a BOGO Sale?
Answer: Yes, if your store allows it
This falls into the same category as the BOGO Coupon with a BOGO Sale.  At stores like Rite Aid, Walgreens & CVS, you can use 2 – $X/1 coupons or 1 – $X/2 with a BOGO Sale.  For local stores, you will need to check with customer service if you are not sure of their policy.

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