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Heads up Walgreens clearance!!

Walgreens 1/6….Look at all of this CLEARANCE!

I just want to hit up every Walgreens in Lincoln and see what kind of clearance I can find. However, I did use all of my 5 Pantene coupons. This was at three different stores yesterday. There are 10 Walgreens in Lincoln and I have been to 5 of those to check out the clearance. Here is what I found at three:

Smart Protein Bar $1.99
-$2 RR Earned
$.01 MM!

Clearasil Treatment Cream $3.49
-$2/1 WQ
-$1/1 MQ

Clearasil Face Wash $3.79
-$2/1 WQ
-$1/1 MQ

L’Oreal Hairspray $1.24 (clearance)
-$2/1 WQ (adjusted down)

L’Oreal Gel $1.29 (clearance)
-$2/1 WQ (adjusted down)

Pantene Restore Beautiful Lengths (2) $3.24 (clearance)
-$3/2 MQ
$.24 or $.12 each

Pantene Shampoo/Conditioner (8) $16 (clearance)
-BOGO 1/2 sale (took off $4)
-(4) $3/2 MQs

Subtotal: $31.04
MQs: $17
WQs/Sale/RR: $12.53
Tax: $1.47
OOP: $2.98
Savings: 95%

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