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Early Easter Clearance Sales?

Early Easter Clearance Sales?

on 4.5.2012 at 12:01pm


I have gotten two different emails today that some stores are already marking down Easter candy, plushes and more!  So far this has been spotted in a Walgreens and a CVS.
I’m not normally one for getting excited on early clearances, but in the case of holiday candy this is very fun!  You’ll notice all your EASTER CANDY COUPONS expire on Easter Sunday… doesn’t leave much fun for after Easter clearance sales… so if you can spot some of these early sales you can go crazy with the coupons and the sales!
Here’s one email:
I was in my local Walgreens in Mooresville, NC tonight, and they are have placed a majority of their Easter merchandise at 50% off already.  This included plush animals, Peeps, Hershey’s candy and many more items.  I was told by the cashier that it is up to each store’s manager so it may vary from store to store but for $12.00 I bought two bags full of candy, sidewalk chalk, coloring books and bubbles for my 4 kids.
I don’t know about you guys, but it at least makes me curious to head to my store and see what they are doing…
Have you spotted any sales in your area?

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