Money making

CVS $20 Challenge

I totally scored at CVS today!

Here’s what I got…

(20) Good n Natural Energy bars sale .99 each. I had (20) coupons for a free Energy bar (check out ebay for these coupons)
(8) 3 Musketeers bars .29 each on clearance (plus .75 extra care bucks back for my next visit when you by one Mars candy bar)
(7) Dawn Olay Hand Renewal dish soap. Had a reincheck on these from when they were on sale for .99 plus I had coupons for .50 (these were expired but CVS will take expired coupons with a reincheck, one of the only stores that I know of that will)
(2) Stride Gum 1.57 each
(2)Degree $1.27 each (There’s a coupon for $2 off 2 deodorants in the coupon machine this week and yes you can get trail size)
(1) Secret $2.99 (had a $1 off coupon from the coupon machine that was from last week)
(1) 12pk Coke .99 (coupon for .99 12 pack when you spend $25,  pre-coupon total)
(2) Spoiled nail polishes on sale for .99each this week
Tresemme Conditioner .99 each
(3) Arizona Tea on sale for .66 each this week.

Total would have been $72.66
After coupons and sales I only spent $16.91 (plus got a .75 ECB back so technically $16.16)

Saved $55.75!!!!

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