Money making

How to cut your adjustable monthly expenses in half!

Recently my husband and I *gasp* took on a car payment after owing our cars for years. Here are some of the steps we took to prepare for this so it’s not as much of a shock to our budget.

1) Cell phone. Our bill with Verizon was $230 for 2 phones. We switched to MetroPCS and saved $150 each month.
2) Cable. We had Charter with the bundle package but we also have Netflix so by cutting out the cable and watching netflix movies it’s going to save us $80 a month.
3) Buy a fuel efficient car. Mine get’s up to 30MPG. This saves me about $150 a month.
4) Print coupons before you go shopping for items like groceries, entertainment and clothing. If you shop at Target. Right now they have lots of coupons for back to school items. Check store websites before you head out for back to school shopping. You can save about 50% by shopping with a plan.

Total saved by following this steps… about $500-$600 a month or more.

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