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K-mart haul…getting ready for holiday baking.

So here is my latest haul. I am starting to get back in to couponing after taking a bit of a hiatus. The one tonight reminded me why I took a break. It was probably the most frustrating haul ever…it was the longest. I walked in when it was still light outside, let’s put it that way. I must have been in the checkout for about an hour. Not sure if it was really worth saving $20 but usually it goes smoothly. For all you newbie couponers don’t let this scare you. I’ve been doing this for 2 years now and this is the first time this has happened. The problem was that last time I used my K-mart rewards card I used too many coupons (not sure what the limit is I’ll have to check on that) anyhoo, it locked my rewards card. So with this shopping trip I was not able to use my credit on my card and it was not doubling my coupons. The cashier was also new and (bless his heart) was the sweetest older gentleman ever. He keep apologizing and felt so bad. Thank god the manger was also a couponer and very understanding. She was awesome! Props to her for figuring it all out. She had to void the whole thing and re-start and manually enter everything. I love K-mart don’t get me wrong (wouldn’t have worked there back in the day if I didn’t), but I don’t think I will be shopping there again anytime soon. Ok, maybe I well, but with less coupons ;p. I did score some awesome coupon booklets with tons of store coupons (ask if your store doesn’t have them out) my local store didn’t have them out but they had some in the back….doesn’t hurt to ask. 🙂

Here’s the coupon booklet to be on the look out for (above)

Soft Scrub $1.00 each after manufacturer coupon from today’s paper 11/4
Cookie mix .40 and .50 each after coupons and the small ones were $1
The milks were .64 each after .55 off coupons
Baking sheet $5.99 just needed it for the holidays. No coupon  🙂
Pillsbury cake mixes can’t remember for sure but I think has this coupon
Finese was a great deal big bottle for $1 each (pair with a $1 off Finese coupon from one of last months inserts I believe for free Finese)with $2 off coupon for the above coupon booklet (limit 4)
Creamer paid $2.49 too much for this but this was something I needed… right moms? 😉
Air freshener I stacked a K-mart coupon from booklet $1/3 with a .75/2 coupon $ for all 3 holiday scents.

There’s also some great Christams coupons in this booklet and don’t overlook stores that take competitors coupons like wal-mart because they will price match.

Have fun shopping! Christmas toy deals and match-ups to come!

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