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Keep Your Cool This Summer

Don’t forget about your furry friends this summer. In my area the heat is relentless. Our temp in july has reached 118 degrees a time or two. Hopefully if you live in an area that’s this hot you have your pets inside. Here are some ways to help your pets stay comfortable in the midst of the scorching summer heat.

Take big ziplock plastic bowls and fill them with water, freeze and you now have ice blocks to put in your pets water dish. If your pets are outside make sure their water is in the shade and they also have shade.

If you have pets like rabbits they are extra sensitive to high temps. To keep them cool take a  towel and drape it over their cage. Run the hose over it several times a day to keep them cool. I had rabbits growing up and we did this in the summer to keep them cool. You can also put ice blocks (see above) on top of the towel on their cage to keep them cool. Always make sure they have access to water, food pellets and they love to crunch on veges like, lettuce and carrots.

Don’t walk your dog in the middle of the day. Do it early in the morning or evening. The pads of their feet can be sensitive to hot asfault. The pads can even burn. A dog has tougher feet than humans but even their feet cant take the heat. If the temp outside is over 100 degrees you might not realize this but roads can be 40 to 60 degrees hotter than the air temperature. Which is hot enough to cook an egg so you can imagine how hot that would be to a dogs poor paws. Vets even summer have to deal with dogs coming in with burnt paws because their owners didnt realize hot hot pavement can get.

Hope these tips helped. Have a fun summer!

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