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grocery shopping

Ok, this is going to be a very embarrassing post but, here it goes….

I looked at my budget and realized I had spent over $700 just for food last month-ouch! I used to be so good about budgeting but I have gotten a bit lazy with it. So we are a family of 3. I am currently going through a divorce. I really think I’ve been so busy lately with school starting, appointments, working on building my blogs and submitting writing proposals that I’ve relied too much on convenience foods. Now, keep in mind this does not include going out to eat which I try not to do that often, but we do eat fast food once or twice a week on average. Here are some ideas I have in place for September to insure this does not happen again this month.

Meal planning and make ahead meals.

I’m going to be making pancakes, breakfast burritos, and home made hash browns to quickly pop in the microwave for breakfast. I also always tons of oatmeal and dry cereal on hand for quick breakfast ideas. Lunches I need to think of some new ideas. My oldest son is in school so for lunch it’s usually me and my two year old eating sandwiches or ravioli or something like that that’s fast and easy. Dinners I like to make things like baked chicken, tri tip, spaghetti, tacos, etc. and I also have a weakness for making deserts. That’s probably my main problem.


I am going to subscribe to the newpaper. I’ve been so lazy about couponing lately. For a while I questioned if it was even worth the hassle (I’m sure a lot of you can relate). It really seems like a lot of companies are not as generous with coupons and promotions as they were in the past. It makes it really hard to get motivated about saving .25 on an item. I love $1 or $2 off one item coupons. I am really going to coupon religiously this month and see how much I save.

Here’s a really big idea I had that I really think is going to save me 50% or more…

For Pantry items I will be shopping at The Dollar Tree (You may have a different dollar store in your area). Everything is one dollar in this store. So things like pasta, pasta sauce, rice, side dishes and canned veges/fruit can be purchased here.

I will be buying everything else like meat, milk, eggs and cheese at Walmart (this is the closest store to me). I hate running all over town wasting gas so I love Walmart for one stop shopping. Walmart also prices matches, has layaway and it’s super convenient to buy groceries and household items in one trip.

So there you have it, I will be meal planning, using coupons, price matching, and buying panty items at The Dollar Tree. I will update next month and do a breakdown of how it went.

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