Money making

Love to eat out????

Love going out to eat? What are your favs? Totally in love with Red Lobsters cheesy biscuits? or what about Outbacks clam chowder? Why not copy kat it? Have your favorites for a fraction of the cost of eating out. I usually spend around $50 for my family to eat out at a restaurant not including tip. What id you could make it yourself ans spend half that? Would you eat out less? Food… Ok let’s be real here… Convienience food adds up quickly. I have really tried to cut back on these costs dramatically. I also am not going to lie, have a hard time taking my little guys tp a sit down restaurant when we do its usually pizza or buffet. Usually other places are reserved for date nights. Parents… Never ever underestimate date night. Try to take one once a month. It seriously may save your marriage. Anyway, back to the program. So I found this website that cracks the code on all your favs. There’s a ton of youtube videos on this subject too worth checking out. Tonight it’s Outback potatos with bacon, cheese and sour cream. Also making meatloaf patties with gravy. I think my little guys will like it. My two year old loves pretty much everything I make, my four year old, not so much. More money saving tips to come

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