Money making

How to get the most out of your time when you work at home

Time is money right? You either have enough money and very little time or you have an abundance of time but lack money. The trick to living well is finding a balance between these two things. I wanted to show you how I make things work as a stay at home and work at home mom. I have two boys, one is in pre-school, which has weird hours. Hello, 12-4? This might be the weirdest school schedule ever, but we make it work. My other son is 2 1/2 so he is home all day. I also have my own school work to do (finishing my B.A. in Business/finance). So here’s a break down of how I make it work. This may or may not work for you, but it might help give you a general idea of how this works. Typical day Wake up at 7 (sometimes a little later depending on how my night went and how long I worked) *****must have coffee***** I emerge from my zombie like state with my hair standing on end and my grinch pj’s on. Just kidding, well kind of. Then (assuming boys are still sleeping) I get to work. I jump online. I check both email accounts. Check on my blogs, check ebook sells. Go on Up work check messages or finish up projects and then jump on Pintrest look for some pins. Apply for freelance work, finish writing assignments, send emails, add affiliates links (sometimes),ebay shipping (I print labels and answer emails)then etsy, the same thing. do some listings, check fiverr (I sell gigs on here and I hire exclusively on here) super cheap work done like editing or graphic design. I do all my own writing as of now. Which is getting difficult and time consuming but I won’t hire out for this unless I have to. (two hours work) I work online for about 2 hours then I get ready, then make breakfast around 10. This is when boys wake up. We eat, get showers, get ready for the day, come back down stairs and then I will jump back online for a few minutes and boys will watch cartoons. (2-4 hours work done in morning) I then drop of my oldest son at school, then run errands, if I have packages going out I mail those, go to the grocery store ( about twice a week) go to the Dollar Tree (I find myself there alot for office supplies, cleaning supplies or things like paper towels, shampoo ,etc. or even snacks. On Mondays I try to make it a habit to going thrifting for re-sell items (more on this later) About 1 make lunch, or my son and I grab lunch on the run if we are in a huge hurry(I know I get the mother of the year award for that one right? Eating in the car). Ideally my younger son lays down for a nap for a couple hours when we get home. (two hours work) I clean up the kitchen, run a load of laundry then I get back on the computer to get more work down. I just started a youtube channel so I will do videos a few times a week. Some of the videos I do are Dollar Tree and thrift hauls, I make money making videos about re-selling and parenting, lifestyle videos, beauty products hauls and reviews. Then around 3 I start thinking about what I’m making for dinner and maybe desert. I will go ahead and prepare some of it, then clean up the upstairs like put away laundry and straighten rooms and wipe down bathroom. Then I go pick up my other son at 4. I get home, finish up dinner, we eat and during the summer we go for a walk to the trail or the park. We spend some time as a family watching a movie or playing a game or something. After the boys go to bed which lately has been the most challenging part of my days. I will work 2-4 hours. Sometimes from 10-2. I love this period of time because there are no distractions like the phone ringing or mom I need___. No knocks at the door or mail deliveries, just peace-and-quiet. So that’s my typical day seven days a week. I should add that twice a week I have to work on coursework too so at night I have to put work aside and do school work about four hours a week. Which isn’t too bad….I make it work. Looking at this is eye opening because I am putting in more time than ever. About 50-55 hours a week but I have never wanted to work so much or so hard. Working for your own cause and your own dreams makes you more motivated than ever. A lot of what I’m doing now is to building up passive income. Knowing the sacrifices I’m making now will help my family and I in the future and I won’t have to work as hard plus my family will have a good foundation to build on, that keeps me going! More on making passive income and why it is so important to your future in a post to come this coming week. I make less money now but I also have less expenses than when I was working so financially it makes sense. My monthly income is around $1700. Since I’m home more I spend about $200 less on gas (I now spend $50 a month on gas) and I eat lunch at home most days so that saves about $100 a month. I don’t have to buy special clothing so that saves about $100 a month and I have coffee at home. I was spending about $5 a day on lattes. This saves another $100. So $500 right there saved by working from home. More on this subject to come.

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