Start your own blog!

Have you ever thought of having your own blog? Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a way to earn extra income? Maybe you are a stay at home mom and want to jump in and be a full-time blogger/influencer.

I’m going to keep it real and be totally transparent about starting a blog, the process of blogging and becoming an Influencer.

I started a blog 8 years ago (link below) I’m going to tell you in this post, things I love about blogging, things I hate and mistakes I made that you can avoid!!!

You can check out my first blog here

First things I love about blogging!!!!!

1) You do it at your convenience.

Baby’s sleeping? Perfect time to write and post to your blog! Maybe you work full time but need a creative outlet. You can blog in the evening when you’re relaxing a winding down for the day.

2) Help others

Honestly the whole reason why I started blogging was to help and connect with other like minded moms. I was really excited about budgeting, couponing and saving money. The more I researched and learned, the more I wanted to teach and share!

3) Teaching

I got sone local teaching gigs from blogging. I never thought if myself as a teacher but I was super surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I thought blogging snd social media classes through my local newspaper. I wa even invited to blog on the newspapers’s website! Blogging can open doors snd lead to a lot of good things! Which leads me to my next point….

3) Opportunities and free stuff!

I know of a blogger, (I will link below) the literally drives new cars for free, in exchange for reviews! I was blown away when I found this out! Sign me up please! So how does this work? I contacted the blogger I’m referring to her name is Rose and she confirmed she gets to test drive these cars for an honest review on her blog

Yep a frugal living/lifestyle blog!

Start today