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Recently while reading another blog I had somewhat of an awaking…it talked about enjoying the now and not always trying to base your happiness in terms of the future. I will be happy when I find my dream house, dream guy, finish my degree or land that dream job! I have to admit that I have been guilty of this. I think I kind of lived with this mindset, constantly focusing on future goals and thinking that happiness will be found within these goals. Going through divorce, nearly losing my son when he got really sick, moving, changing career paths, my other son being diagnosed with Autism and going back to school have all been eventa in my life that have occured in the past year. I realized that life is short and not everyday is a guarantee so I have made a the choice to live in the now and be happy and content today, not tomorrow because we have no idea what that day will bring, but just appreciate the moment. I feel like I have gone through hell and back so just having some calmness, spending time with my kids, writing, working on my shop, my blog and website have all brought me so much joy. Happiness can’t be bought or sold, it comes from being content amd happy where you are right now and making time to do the things you enjoy. For me it’s writing, creating and helping orhers. With Thanksgiving coming up I am trying to focus on what I love, not on what I’ve lost. Hope you can find a way everyday to find some peace, calm and contentment. Make time to take a step back and enjoy the little things. Just having a cup of coffee and reading a magazine or listening to my boys play bring me happiness and peace. Try to embrace these little moments.

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Amazon: Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Bracket Only $26.99 Shipped!

Awesome Deal just when I needed it. Love when that happens!!!

Amazon: Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Bracket Only $26.99 Shipped!

February 29, 2012

Looking for a wall mount system for your flat screen?

Amazon currently has the highly rated {over 1,300 reviews!} Cheetah Mounts Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Bracket on sale for $26.99 shipped!
  • Universal Design Fits Most 32-55 & 32 – 65 inch TVs
  • Flush 1.9″ Profile
  • Tilt Range: 15 Degree Downward
  • Supports up to 165LBS
  • 6″ 3-Axis Magnetic Bubble Level Included

Go HERE to get the Cheetah Mounts Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Bracket.

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