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Hloween Tree?! What the?!

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Last minute frugal Diy costumes

Halloween is Saturday!!!!! Are you ready? If you need a last minute DIY halloween costume on the cheap, here are some videos with lots of inspiration. Look through your closet and see what you already have that you can work with. Grab a black tee cut open the neckline more to make it off shoulder, grab some tight black pants, black heels and you csn be Sandy from Grease. Grab a red shirt red leggings and red heels and you can be a devil. To make the ears get a regular headband cut two peieces of cardboard in the horn shape. Now cut four peices of red fabric in the same shape by tracing around the carboard cut outs. Now glue the fabric over the cardboard peices front and back. Let dry. Now cut two scrap peices of red fabric sbout 3in x 2in fold over ear hiding seams. Now fold both and sew with a seam allowance to slip headband through both horns. About 1 in seam for a regular headband. You could also be a zombie. Just dress in all white use dirt or ash to dirty things up. Look up zombie makeu tutorial for inspiration. You can use everyday makeup you already have for almost any costume with a little creativity. Happy Halloween! http://youtu.be/dM9WHm1I3fU http://youtu.be/-v2QSWhPe-0

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Easy trick or TREAT ideas for the kiddos!

The Wendy’s Halloween Booklets are out now!!!

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Our children see us using coupons every day – let’s give them some of their own to use!  The Wendy’s Halloween booklets are out now and they are only $1.00!   They contain 5 coupons that are good for a free Junior Frosty.   Give them to trick or treaters or save as “bribes” for good behavior.   They are a great way to take the kids and their friends out for a treat!  I look forward to these and the McDonald’s Halloween Coupon Books every year.  (So do my kids!!!)  They are a sweet deal for everyone! :)
You can pick them up at your local Wendy’s location.  The coupons are valid from November 1 – February 1, 2012.