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Easy trick or TREAT ideas for the kiddos!

The Wendy’s Halloween Booklets are out now!!!

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Our children see us using coupons every day – let’s give them some of their own to use!  The Wendy’s Halloween booklets are out now and they are only $1.00!   They contain 5 coupons that are good for a free Junior Frosty.   Give them to trick or treaters or save as “bribes” for good behavior.   They are a great way to take the kids and their friends out for a treat!  I look forward to these and the McDonald’s Halloween Coupon Books every year.  (So do my kids!!!)  They are a sweet deal for everyone! :)
You can pick them up at your local Wendy’s location.  The coupons are valid from November 1 – February 1, 2012.