Hi there! Welcome to my blog! I’m Sandi I’m a momma to two boys ages five and eight. My eight year old has Autism and Selective Mutism. After working a “normal” job and leaving my kids crying at daycare. I quickly realized there has to be a better way. I’ve been literally obsessed with business and home businesses and decided it was my goal and mission to test and try various work from home opportunities and pass this knowledge on to other moms that might be looking for a better way as well.

I started this blog originally eight years ago when my first son was born to fulfill my need for a creative outlet during his nap times, he was just three months at the time. This blog started out as a money saving/couponing blog. I got super excited when I realized how far I could stretch my very tight stay at home mom budget after my son was born. I figured my “finds” should be posted so I can help other mommies stretch their budget as well.

This blog is being updated and revamped. Started as just a blogger blog. I have a huge passion for not only helping moms save big, but also create ways of earning income online as well. After all, it’s not just about saving, but it’s about creating a life you love and earning enough money to enjoy your time. Being a good steward, with not only your money, but your resources and energy as well are all things I aspire to help you with on this blog/Youtube channel. I dedicated a lot of time and energy into testing work at home businesses ideas and passive income strategies to help you build multiple income streams at home, I hope to pass this knowledge on to other moms! I’d love to have you follow along! Mommin’ ain’t easy, but this blog will help you make mommin’ easier!

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How to Start an Amazon Business with $500 or less

Money making

Book Review: Blogging for Profit Without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup

For those of your who have never blogged, or bloggers that have been blogging for years. This is a must read if you are either curious about how bloggers generate income or if you would like to get started blogging but you have no idea where to start. Like the author, Ruth Soukup, I started blogging around the same time. While I have learned a lot through trial and error. I don’t have anywhere near the expertise this author does. The author has a website called Living Well Spending Less which I have been following for years. I stubbled upon her youtube videos on couponing (she started as a coupon blogger just like I did). Maybe I should have started a youtube channel back then? Oh well, you live and learn. As I was on Pintrest (which I swear is my fav website ever) I stumbled upon her income reports one day and was instantly sold on this book, I went to Amazon and purchased it immediately. (She makes around $10,000 a month, actually a lot of bloggers do). Likes and dislikes about this book… I did like that she included a lot of useful topics like Pintrest and finding advertisers. I liked that it walked you through the main steps of starting a blog I did like that she hit on the design element and how that comes into play with the whole overall functionaity of a blog. I have used some one her ideas for driving traffic, which I really think have worked. Dislikes…. I really wish it was more in depth on DIY blogging. I do most of the work myself. I haven’t hired a designer for this. I do everything through trial and error. I do everything with my own two hands, well that and some help from youtube. I really wish there was more on wordpress and how to monetize with wordpress. I am just starting a blog mommiesfrugalfinds.com using wordpress and the only thing I’m still confused about are how to monetize using wordpress. Which she uses for livingwellspendingless.com Overall I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars, It’s perfect for the beginning blogger just starting out, or maybe someone with just an idea for a blog. This could take your idea to the next level. While I have never personallly met Ruth, maybe someday at a convention who knows, she seems like such a sweet and sincere mom blogger who made it big. I could only dream of being in her shoes someday. On a side note: she says in the book that people would laugh when she told them what she did for a living (I’m a blogger) and would roll their eyes. Who’s laughing now? She’s laughing all the way to the bank. She makes literally thousands a week with her blog and other projects. I think blogging is so “new age” that a lot of people don’t understand that there are so many ways to generate an income from a blog (either directly or indirectly). Blogging is one platform out there that can take really any business to the next level. Check out my other blog bringingmomshome.blogspot.com for more on making money blogging as well as other business opportunities for moms.

Money making

Save up to $1000 or more a year by buying these items @ The Dollar Tree

20 things you should be buying at The Dollar Tree saving you up to $500 or more a year 1)Hair accessories, clips, barettes, ties, brushes combs 2)Shampoo conditioner and styling products 3)Socks 4)Baby wipes, baby shampoo, baby bottles, lotions, etc. 5)If u have animals pet products, leaches, collars, dog food, biscuits, bones, toys, sweaters 6)Cleaning sprays, wipes, bleach, air fresheners 7)Tupperware 8)Paper plates and paper products 9) stationary, office supplies 10) cards, gift wrap, 11) snacks drinks 12) beauty products like lotions, sunscreen, baby oil, makeup 13) vitamins 14) medicine cabinet over counter meds and bandaids, etc 15) books 16) ziplocks and garbage bags 17) phone accessories, like iphone cases, chargers 18) home decor frames, vases, flowers 19) toys, perfect for party favors, or stocking stuffers 20) frozen foods and pantry items. Some things I frequently buy in this dept…… Pasta Sauces Seasonings Frozen fruit Frozen pancakes and waffles Frozen Sausage Frozen entree for lunches Ravioli canned Olives Canned chicken Condiments mustard, mayo Tea coffee Creamer (they even have specialty coffee syrups like french vanilla make your own Starbucks on the cheap) Hot cocoa Soda Movie candy Popcorn